Music by GRAMMY AWARD winning producer, Jim Wilson

Hauntingly beautiful soundtrack featuring Grammy Award winning Native American singers, Verdell Primeaux, Rita Coolidge of Walela; Grammy Nominee, Joanne Shenandoah; Juno Award Winner, Sadie Buck; and Robbie Robertson, who with The Band won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement award; and Mazatl Galindo.

The Film:

Reckless government policies nearly destroyed American Indian Tribes and could do the same to the United States.  Just recently, our government repeated history when it stole from us with bailouts, allowed our infrastructure to crumble, education suffered, poverty spread, environmental degradation continues, and the economy stagnates.

Generation Red Nation©, as told by Elders, activists, and legal professionals, gives a brutally honest view of American Indian life on the plains reservations, leaving “the Rez”, and entering city life.  With unemployment at 89%, a 60-70% alcoholism rate, the shortest lifespans in our nation, disintegrating family structures, high teen suicide rates, and substandard educational opportunities, how can they survive?  How can they create a better life for their children?

Part of the solution includes celebrating American Indian culture, family values, and traditions taught by Elders.  Our Nation can benefit by the Elders’ advice, especially during a time when many feel victimized by corruption, unemployment, and frustration with corporate and government leaders.

“Alarming, brutally honest, astounding”

“SCREEN IT” quote by the late Russell Means Actor, Activist, Author, Leader

“Today’s movies are slick, lacking spirit. This one has alot of heart.” 
George Burdeau, Emmy Award Winning Film Producer and co-founder of NAPT

Generation Red Nation won Native American Cinema’s most prestigious award
“BEST DOCUMENTARY” feature at the Red Nation Film Festival.

“Our people are dying while other people are getting rich.”

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